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Trompo was born in a backyard in Oak Cliff. 

Five years later,

we still love making

¡Tacos For The People! 

everyday in Dallas' 

Bishop Arts District.


There, he said, we’d find some of the best tacos in Dallas. He was wrong—he should have said some of the best tacos in America.

– Taco of the Year:

Taco de Trompo

Bon Appétit

Don't judge a taco by its price.

But really in-the-know diners order something else: the gringa. Made with that same excellent, bright red trompo pork, the gringas come on flour tortillas and oozing with plenty of molten — or even beautifully, halfway burnt — cheese.

– Brian Reinhart, 

Dallas Observer

Live everyday like it's Taco Tuesday.
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