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¿QuE Que?

¡Taco Libre!
"Taco Libre Dallas talks tacos with

Luis Olvera from Trompo"
April 30, 2020

Mary Louis Kelly
"A Dallas Taqueria Copes With

The Age Of COVID-19"
March 20, 2020

Texas Monthly

José R. Ralat
"Trompo’s Brunch Buffet Offers the

Original Mexican Breakfast Tacos"
February 18, 2020


Advocate Oak Cliff

Rachel Stone
"Trompo Bishop Arts has everything

and a buffet brunch"

January 23, 2020

Chefs For Farmers


Dallas Sites 101
"Let's Taco'bout It:

Our 14 Top Taco Spots in Dallas"

October 2019



Amy McCarthy

"One of Dallas’s Favorite Taquerias

Heads to a New Location"
September 13, 2019


Dallas Observer

Taylor Adams 
"West Dallas’ Trompo Returns Home

to Oak Cliff (with Sliders)"

September 9, 2019


The Dallas Morning News

Michaelene Busico
"Trompo, West Dallas’ celebrated 
little stand-up taqueria,

is moving to a bright new spot in Bishop Arts"

September 6, 2019


D Magazine

Daniel Walker
"Trompo Finds a New Home in Bishop Arts"

September 6, 2019


PBS Wisconsin
"Dallas: Modern Mexican"

October 30, 2018


WQED / Indie Lens Storycast

Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece
"The Tacos Of Texas"


Dallas Observer
"A Dallas Taco Tour for Out-of-Towners

and Beginner Taco Enthusiasts"
March 12, 2018

Brian Reinhart
Where to Find 3 Oak Cliff Taco Spots
That Aren't Listed on Yelp (And What to Order)

October 18, 2017


Dallas Observer

Brian Reinhart
"100 Favorite Dishes, 
No. 19:

The Secret Best Order at Trompo is the Gringa"
September 15, 2017


Visit Dallas
"Meet Trompo Tacos:

Your New Favorite Taco Spot in Dallas"
May, 2017



Robert Philpot
"Where to find the best tacos in DFW

– from Jack cheap to luscious lobster"
January 17, 2017; March 3, 2017

Central Track
"The Most Interesting Dallasites of 2016: Luis Olvera"
January 6, 2017


Bon Appetit

Julia Kramer & Andrew Knowlton
"The 3 Best Tacos of 2016"

August 10, 2016


Dallas Observer

Beth Rankin
"Bon Appetit Named Trompo

America's Taco of the Year"

August 9, 2016


DFW / CBS Local

Gilma Avalos
"West Dallas Taqueria Named

One Of Best In The Nation"

August 3, 2016


The Dallas Morning News

Leslie Brenner
One Dallas eatery made Bon Appetit's Top 50

new restaurants list, and it's a hole in the wall"

August 2, 2016


Dallas Observer

Beth Rankin
"West Dallas Taqueria Named One of America's

Best New Restaurants by Bon Appetit"

August 2, 2016

Gus Contreras
"This West Dallas Taqueria Is Among America’s

Best New Restaurants, Bon Appétit Says"

August 2, 2016


Culture Map Dallas

Eric Sandler
"Dallas taco shop deemed one of America's

50 best new restaurants"

August 2, 2016


Dallas Observer

Beth Rankin
"This New, Nearly Hidden Taqueria Makes

the Best Damn Mexican Street Tacos"

April 5, 2016


The Tacos of Texas

Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece

September 20, 2016

Becky Fogel
"Which Texas Taco Town is Most Improved?"

August 18, 2016


Dallas Voice
"If you read Dallas Voice’s food section, you’d have

known the best taqueria in town months ago"

August 15, 2016


Biz Journals

Olivia Pulsinelli
"50 finalists for Bon Appetit's
Best New Restaurants 2016"

August 2, 2016



"Saturday's Taco Libre Festival

Proved Dallas's Enduring Love for Tacos"
June 29, 2015


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